Spirit strikes again! Hey all, it’s Liv with a bit of magic to share with you! Do you see the BOOK being carried by an angel in this painting by Lori?? We’re totally stunned by it.

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted a pic of this painting that she made for me during her 100 Thank Yous project, featured in the short film that’s been spreading like wildfire the past two days (watch it here:https://vimeo.com/121724954). It has hung in my studio for nearly three years, but I hadn’t looked closely at it in a while. Yesterday, I suddenly noticed that BOOK in the painting, delivered by a circle of angels, and it took my breath away. It’s not just any book, but one that mirrors what parts of our Infinite Purpose book will look like – with a full-page image by Lori on one side and writing on the other! When I pointed this out to Lori, she was shocked too – she doesn’t even remember painting the book, nor does she have any idea why she would have incorporated it into my painting. She said, “Why would I paint an angel carrying a book!?”

Clearly, something inspired her years ago to incorporate that book – OUR book – into her painting for me. To us, it feels like the millionth bit of proof that Spirit was working through us long before we even knew it, dropping hints of goodness-to-come. Holy wow, right?