Behind the Scenes of Infinite Purpose

We are dear friends – an intuitive and an artist – who never expected to work together, especially not like this. But in the fall of 2014, Spirit swooped in to deliver profound messages through Liv, inspired art through Lori, and specific instructions (yes, really!) for sharing them with the world. Holy wow. We couldn’t quite believe it; we were humbled by it, honored by it…and nervous to reveal it.

The power of that experience was too strong NOT to move forward. So, we first disseminated those illuminating messages online, which made us terribly nervous and incredibly excited. We didn’t know if anyone would sign up, so we were shocked when over 250 people around the world registered to receive the teachings and artwork via email. What happened next stunned us even more: the profound changes so many of those people experienced, from changing careers to traveling the world, left us awestruck. Seeing them so immersed in deep joy and fulfillment convinced us that we needed to expand the reach of this work. We started working on a manuscript in February 2015 and envisioned it feeling like a treasure – rich, vibrant, cherished.

When a literary agent told us this was the most unique and deeply-needed book she’d seen in a long time, we rejoiced. And when she said that no publisher would take on the financial risk of birthing a book so different and expensive to produce, we knew she was right. “You will have to publish it yourselves,” she said, “and tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know that this is magic.”

So we opted to self-publish and held a crowdfunding campaign to help us cover the costs of printing this 8x10 hardcover, full-color treasure. Once again, we were stunned: in just three weeks, we received over $40,000 in pre-orders – a rare feat in the world of self-publishing and a clear indication to us that a book like this is so needed. We are so grateful for the lightning-fast creation of Infinite Purpose, for the incredible support from so many earth angels, and for everyone who is inspired by this book to cultivate joy and create more light in the world. You matter, magic makers.


Liv Lane by Tera PhotographyLiv Lane

Liv Lane is an intuitive adviser who has inspired thousands of brave-hearted, open-minded women to leap into their bright futures with clarity and confidence.

For nearly two decades, Liv built a successful career in communications as a radio host, publicist, and media company co-founder, quietly leveraging her lifelong intuitive gifts to guide her decisions. But, feeling called to a deeper mission creatively and spiritually, she left corporate America in 2007. Today, Liv teaches popular personal growth classes and workshops, conducts individual intuitive readings, and speaks about the power of purpose, passion, and inspired action to audiences across the U.S.

Liv lives in the Twin Cities with her husband Brad, their two sons, and an invisible army of angels. Find her online at

Lori Portka headshotLori Portka

Lori Portka is a licensed artist whose mission is to spread love and happiness through the art she creates. Lori’s distinctive paintings feature vibrant imagery and life-affirming messages dedicated to kindness, gratitude and being true to yourself.

In 2015, Lori’s 100 Thank Yous project was the subject of a widely-celebrated short documentary film called Gratitude Grows. Her colorful artwork appears on greeting cards, prayer flags, and stationary merchandise at hundreds of retailers around the world.

Lori lives in Asheville, N.C. with her husband Jay, their gentle-hearted greyhounds, and a calico cat. To learn more about Lori and her work, visit

A short film about the book, created for our August 2015 crowdfunding campaign…