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Meet Our Earth Angels…

During the rapid creation of this book, we were so grateful for the many generous souls who tapped into their gifts and talents to help us bring Infinite Purpose to life.

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Lisa Dubbels, Publicist



Jay Mangicaro, Business Manager




PHOTOGRAPHY: Our official photographer, Tera Girardin of Tera Photography captures a person’s inner light with her camera and we love her dearly. (PS You’ll see Tera’s inspiring story in the book, too!)

PUBLISHING: We couldn’t have made this book without the guidance of Wise Ink. Such a great team and co-founder Amy Quale understood our vision from the start. We’re also so grateful to our designer, Emily of Lift Creative; editor Alison Watts and proofreader Darlinda Alexander.

MUSIC: Yes, music! We’ve partnered with incredible singer/songwriter Lynn O’Brien on multiple events. Stay tuned for details on future happenings!

WEB SITE: Though her real job is talking to the angels (yes, really), Laurel Bleadon-Maffei of Illuminating Souls is an undercover web site whiz who was so generous with her time and skills as we built this web site.

AUDIO RECORDINGS: We relied on the best of the best – Andy Morantz of Morantz Music – to record Liv’s readings of Spirit’s eight teachings. Those recordings will soon be available in our Online Shop

VIDEOGRAPHY: We worked with several talented filmmakers on the short film that announced our crowdfunding campaign: Ali of PranaLens, Mike of Wooly Rhino and Nancy Roberts.


Meet Our Sweet 16…

We know it’s powerful and eye-opening to hear how others have processed and implemented the rich teachings of Infinite Purpose, so we’re so delighted to feature the inspiring stories of 16 women who were part of the original online course. We’ve included links for those who have online businesses and intiatives. (Thank you, dear hearts, for sharing your stories!)

Step 1: Sarah Rudell Beach (Brilliant Mindfulness) and Jennifer Mills-Keenan

Step 2: Susie Lubell ( and Amanda Fall (The Phoenix Soul

Step 3: Lindsay Walz ( and Zina Canton (

Step 4: Charlotte Schulz ( and Julia Fehrenbacher (Painted Path)

Step 5: Christy Marek (Wonder of All Things) and Angie Mizzell (

Step 6: Tera Girardin (Tera Photography) and Kim Flatland (Love Your Soul Self)

Step 7: Lisa Sarick ( and Carissa Paige – pictured (Carissa Paige Art)

Step 8: Janey Palmer and Lisa Tsering (365 Feathers)