Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy! We had the BEST time celebrating the launch of Infinite Purpose: Care Instructions for Your True Calling! We threw a great big party at The Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, including an Q&A with us led by author, speaker and TV personality Joan Steffend and gorgeous music by singer/songwriter Lynn O’Brien. Even Liv’s kids got in on the production, from 12-year-old Ryder DJ’ing the pre- and post-show music to a surprise opening dance by seven-year-old Tru. Talk about joy!!!

We are so grateful to all who showed up to celebrate with us! But if you couldn’t make it, the next best thing is to check out the gorgeous pics taken by our official photographer, Tera Girardin of Tera Photography. We hope the energy of the night jumps off the screen and into your heart. We are soooo happy this book is now out in the world!  (Keep scrolling down to see all of the photos)